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Frequently Asked Questions

EarnThatCrypto is a PTC/GPT (Paid to click / Get paid to) website where you can earn by viewing ads, watching videos, completing offers and much more.

You can rent referrals or directly purchase them. In the first case, rented referrals are temporarily yours, means you have to recycle them on a time basis. Purchased referrals are yours and they never expire.

For more informations about referral earnings, please visit referral page on your account.

Yes, you need to. This is to ensure all of our members stay active.

Accounts that have an inactivity of 30 days are automatically suspended. That's why we suggest you to login once per day to avoid this.

Owning multiple accounts is NOT allowed. Currently we accept only ONE account per IP.

You can find all our payment proofs here or on our forum.

EarnThatCrypto started its journey officially on 24th August 2021.

The thing that we hate the most is when you have to invest money to get YOUR money. So, the answer is no.

Earnings are yours, so once you reach the minimum cashout you can request it immediately.

Please make sure you're not using any Ad-Blocker. If so, deactivate it and refresh the page.

Minimum withdraw amount is 1$.

Currently we accept Payeer and AdvCash for payments/withdrawals.

The points are our second currency and can be earned in many ways such as clicking ads, posting on forums, completing PTSU offers and more.

Each membership has a different value on points you can earn by doing this and that. Currently values are as follow:

Bronze (default membership):

Points per direct referral: 0.01
Points per ptc click: 0.01
Points per forum post: 0.02
Points per PTSU completed: 0.05
Points per dollar deposited: 0.10



Points per direct referral: 0.05
Points per ptc click: 0.05
Points per forum post: 0.05
Points per PTSU completed: 1
Points per dollar deposited: 0.20



Points per direct referral: 0.10
Points per ptc click: 0.15
Points per forum post: 0.15
Points per PTSU completed: 2
Points per dollar deposited: 1



Points per direct referral: 0.50
Points per ptc click: 0.30
Points per forum post: 0.30
Points per PTSU completed: 5
Points per dollar deposited: 1.50


The convert ratio is 1000:1, which means every 1000 points you will get $1. Points can be converted directly in your dashboard and money will go straight to purchase balance, which you can use it for advertising or even upgrading your membership!

This is an extra passive way to earn money, it means the more active you are, the more points you'll get.

Random posting on forums just to farm points is NOT allowed. If we catch you doing it, your account may be suspended and your points reset.
An example of random posting would be answering in a topic with an answer not related to the topic itself.

This is just an example. I hope in your common sense.

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