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Stop submitting false/random PTSU applications!

Started by Symon - Sep 06th, 2021 at 11:27

Posts: 57
Sep 06th, 2021 at 11:27
As we added new PTSU offers, we've also added a new way to earn extra money to our users. But sadly, someone doesn't know how to read and correctly submit a PTSU application.

Some examples:

We have more than 50 (50!!) denied PTSU applications submitted in that way. This is NOT how you submit a PTSU application!

You have to read instructions, if PTSU asks to upload and attach A PROOF, you cannot put invalid or random details. This will lead in a PTSU deny in 100% of cases, as shown above.

I wanna remember that if a user has more than 3 of declined PTSU applications, access to new PTSU offers will be denied FOREVER, cause you are damaging us and the advertiser!

Submitting an application is not hard, there are instructions on every PTSU offer.

Sending invalid or random details is NOT allowed!
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